SBL Rite Hite Tabs Benefits, Uses, Price, Side effects, Dose, How to use And Interactions

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Properties of SBL Rite Hite Tabs

  • What form is available – Tablet
  • Weight – 90 (grams)
  • Dimensions – 4.4 (cm) x 4.4 (cm) x 7.2 (cm)
  • Price – Rs 140

Information about SBL Rite Hite Tablets

SBL Rite Hite Tablet is a combination of well-proven drugs of homeopathy for children’s growth. This drug helps in growth of hormones, has good effect on pituitary gland and thus helps in height growth.

A person’s height is determined by several factors:-

  • Genetic
  • Hormonal balance
  • Nutritional status
  • General health

Rite Hite Tablets help correct the combined balance of above factors and promote height and growth to their full potential.

Who should use SBL Rite Hite Tablet?

For children whose height is less and they are not developing well. For children who suffer from anemia. This drug is also useful for children with lack of concentration and poor memory.

Ingredients of SBL Rite Hite

  • 1. Baryta Carbonica 3x
  • 2. Silicea 6x
  • 3. Calcarea Phosphorica 3x
  • 4. Natrum muriaticum 3x

Excipients q.s. to one tablets of 250mg

All these drugs have been found in it, most have their own symptoms and qualities, which they understand about: –

Baryta Carbonica 3x : It is useful in children who are physically and mentally underdeveloped.

Silicea 6x : Silicea is an important medicine for bone development, bone resilience and the health of skin and connective tissues.

Calcarea Phosphoric 3x : It helps children who are slow to walk, this medicine helps to improve bone growth.

Natrum muriaticum 3x : It helps in getting essential elements in the body from food.

Dosage of SBL Right Hight Tablets

  • For children under 13 years, give 1 tablet daily.
  • For children above 13 years of age, take 2 tablets daily.

Side effects: No side effects are known. Must play with medicine, jumping, hanging etc.

Precautions of SBL Rite Hite Tablets:

1. Maintain half an hour gap between food / drink and prescribed homeopathic medicine.
2. During homeopathic medicine, you should not have strong smell like onion, garlic, camphor, coffee, hing in your mouth.
3. Avoid consumption of alcohol and tobacco while on homeopathic medicine.
4. Place SBL Right Height Tablets under the tongue in your mouth and allow them to dissolve for maximum benefit.
5. Store homeopathic remedies away from strong odors such as menthol, peppermint, camphor, essential oil, lip balm, deep heat limit, cuff lozenge, chewing gum, aromatic toothpaste, chemical fume, perfume etc.6.Use medicine only under medical supervision

Terms and conditions

Homeopathic products have many uses and should be taken on the basis of symptom similarity. Results may vary depending on conditions. Be sure to consult your doctor before using SBL Right Height Tablets.

Ask A Doctor

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