Homeopathic Treatment For Hydrocephalus

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In this article, we will discuss some best homeopathic medicines to cure hydrocephalus disease, the problem of watery head.

What Is Hydrocephalus?

When abnormally high amounts of cerebro spinal deposits accumulate in the brain, this condition is called hydrocephalus. In simple parlance, this disease is called the disease of water accumulation in the brain. This disease can occur before or after birth. The problem of hydrocephalus puts pressure on the brain.

Causes of Hydrocephalus

An abnormally large amount of cerebro spinal origin in the brain.
This disease also occurs due to injury to the brain.
Infection or Tubercular infection also causes this disease.

Symptoms of Hydrocephalus

  1. Small children up to one year of age, the head of the child appears large and the head becomes quite large.
  2. There is also very little hair in the head.
  3. The child is often lying on the bed or is lethargic or sleeping. Remains irritable.
  4. The child also vomits after drinking mother’s milk.
  5. Body gets lean and head gets bigger
  6. Unable to see up and epilepsy-like seizures, tremors also occur.
If you see the symptoms of hydrocephalus in an older child:-
  1. There is often headache. Visible less.
  2. See two aspects of one thing
  3. Epilepsy-like seizure, shock comes. Unable to walk properly, there is a change in behaviour. While walking, he makes urine in the clothes.

Talking about allopathic medicine, there is shunt surgery in it. In most cases this surgery is not successful. The brain development of the child stops.

Homeopathic medicine for Hydrocephalus

Calcerea Phos 30 – It is given during pregnancy as a prophylactic drug.

Hedera Helix Q – 5 drops is given only once. On the second day in the morning clear liquid flows from the nose and with this one dose the treatment is done. The second dose is given when the disease re-emerges.

Apis mel 30 – Swelling in the face due to rapid accumulation of fluid in the head, pale, in an unconscious state by inserting his head into the pillow and shaking the head. Sometimes he gets shocked by screaming. The eyes are slanting, fast and the pulse is weak.

Belladonna 30 – This is an acute case medicine. Fever, severe headache, red face and burning eyes.

Calcarea carb 30 – Fat and chubby child whose nose and mouth are open and the head is very large. Sweating also occurs on the head.

Apocynum 30 – Head large, forehead protruding. Lethargic and continues to move one arm and one leg. There is less urination and sweating.

Zincum Met 30 – Patient keeps turning his head and on getting up from sleep it seems as if he is scared. The back of the head is hot and the next cold, the forehead remains crooked. Eyes dilated and unable to tolerate light. The body keeps on fluttering while sleeping.

Helleborus niger 30 – Extreme lack of sensation. The eyes are not able to see, the ears are not able to hear and there is no effect of light on the eyes. One keeps on waving an arm and a leg. Strong tremors in the body. Symptoms like decreased urination are seen.

Tuberculinum 1M – It is used in patients with symptoms and history of TB.

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