Ustilago Maydis 30 Uses, Benefits – Ustilago Maydis Homeopathy

  • Haemorrhages; slow, passive or in clots, blood DARK but watery
  • Loss of hair and nails
  • Sensation of boiling water flowing along the back

Source: Animal kingdom
Synonyms: Corn smut
Family: Ustilaginaceae
Prover: Dr Burt

Introduction and History: Burt, who proved Ustilago on himself and others, introduced the remedy to homeopathy. It had been observed that pregnant animals feeding on maize affected with smut were very liable to abort.

Habit and Habitat: It is found in America, Europe.

Preparation and Parts Used: Trituration is prepared from the fungus.

Constitution and Physiognomy: It is adapted to tall, thin women; at climaxis.

Seat of Action (Pharmacodynamics): It acts upon female sexual organs, skin, hair and nails.

Physio-pathological Changes (Pathology)

  1. It acts on circulation, especially arterial and capillary blood vessels producing long lasting dilatation of arterial capillary vessels.
  2. Also acts on venous capillary blood vessels producing great dilatation with passive venous congestion in all the tissues upon which it acts.
  3. It acts on female sexual organs as an oxytocic and produces venous haemorrhage and ovaralgia.
  4. Acts on ovaries producing congestion, enlargement and great irritation.
  5. Acts on male sexual organs and produces at first excitement soon followed by great prostration of these organs with complete loss of all sexual desire, neuralgia of testicles, etc.
  6. It acts on skin producing dry, hot and congested skin.
  7. On skin of the face and neck it produces patches like ringworm.
  8. Acts on scalp producing inflammation and loss of hair.
  9. It acts on lymphatics, testicles and ovaries that is, the glandular system producing irritation and congestion.
  10. Acts upon the cerebrospinal system producing congestion and paralysis.

Characteristic Mental Symptoms (Psychology)

  1. Great depression of spirits in the afternoon.
  2. Patient is very sad, cries frequently, exceedingly prostrated from sexual abuse and loss of semen; sleep is restless.
  3. Patient can not bear to see or talk with any one.
  4. Irritability, feels worse being asked a question or to repeat anything.
  5. The day seemed like a dream.

Characteristic Physical Guiding Symptoms

Haemorrhages: Congestive, passive or slow bleeding or in clots; blood is dark, but watery.

Vertigo: With white spots before the eyes; at climaxis; with profuse menses.

Emissions: Every night; even when talking to a woman.

Vicarious menses: Vicarious menstruation, from lungs and bowels.

Menses: Menstrual discharge is half liquid and half clotted; bright red; worse on slightest provocation.

Leucorrhoea: Foul, yellow or brown leucorrhoea.

Muscular contractions: Muscular contraction; of lower limbs.

Important Characteristic Features

Female uterine affections: Vicarious menstruation, from lungs and bowels. Menses are half liquid and half clotted; bright red; worse on slightest provocation. There is menorrhagia of climaxis after abortion. Oozing of dark blood; clotted, forming large black strings. Cervix is spongy, bleeding easily. Soreness of uterus and ovary (left). Pains shoot down thighs. Hypertrophy of uterus; subinvolution. Uterus feels drawn into a knot. Foul, yellow or brown leucorrhoea. Constant pain under left breast; at margin or ribs, between periods. Bearing down pains when child nurses. Menses suppressed, without cause with accompanying symptoms. Also useful for fibroid tumours.

General Modalities

Aggravation: Climacteric, touch, motion.

Amelioration: During rest.

Therapeutic Value: Alopecia, Amenorrhoea, Backache, Baldness, Chronic urticaria, Constipation, Dysmenorrhoea, Eczema, Gastralgia, Headache, Indigestion, Laryngitis, Menorrhagia, Metrorrhagia, Muscular rheumatism, Nocturnal emissions, Ovaritis, Puerperal peritonitis, Spermatorrhoea, Tonsillitis, etc.

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