Variolinum 200 Uses, Benefits – Variolinum Materia Medica

  • Hot, dry skin. Eruption of pustules. SHINGLES
  • Profuse, bad smelling sweat. EXCRUCIATING BACKACHE. ACHING IN LEGS.

Source: A nosode
Synonyms: Pus from Smallpox pustule
Prover: Dr Swan, Dr Burnett
Duration of Action: Indefinite

Introduction and History: The cardinal symptoms of smallpox are the keynote symptoms for the use of Variolinum.

Preparation and Parts Used: Trituration is prepared from the matter of smallpox vesicles; from which higher potencies are prepared.

Seat of Action (Pharmacodynamics): It acts on blood, spine, muscles, metabolism, throat, blood vessels, uterus, eyes, etc.

Characteristic Mental Symptoms (Psychology)

  1. Morbid fear of smallpox.
  2. Crazy feeling in the brain.

Characteristic Physical Guiding Symptoms

Variola simplex

(i) It cures confluent and malignant pustules or eruptions; as well as varioloid and varicella.

(ii) It acts as a preventive of, or protection against smallpox.

(iii) It is far safer than crude vaccination and provides protection from the sequelae, especially septic and tubercular infection.

Muscles: General aching in the muscles; worse in back, occiput and legs.

Blood vessels: Calcareous deposits in the blood vessels, spinal cord. etc.

Headache: Accompanied with icy coldness of feet and hands.

Mouth: Tongue protrudes during sleep. Foul, metallic taste. Offensive mouth.

Vomiting: Of milk immediately after drinking it.

Backache: It is useful for breaking backache. Pains from back, shift to abdomen.

Fever: Fever, as if cold water trickling down the back. Violent chill. Intense burning fever. Foul sweat.

Skin: There are foul, pustular eruptions on the skin.

Important Characteristic Features

Fever: Violent fever with extremely hot skin, with or without an increased pulse. Fever, as if cold water trickling down the back. Violent chill. Intense burning fever.

General Modalities

Aggravation: Motion, vaccination.

Remedy Relationships

Antidotes: Ant-t, Maland, Sara, Thuj, Vac.


Antimonium tartaricum: It is a specific remedy for smallpox when catarrhal and gastric symptoms are present.

Hydrastis canadensis: It modifies smallpox, abolishing its distressing symptoms, shortening its course, lessening its dangers and greatly mitigating its consequences.

Belladonna: Fever and excessive inflammation after vaccination.

Silicea terra: Removes ill-effects of vaccination, especially suppuration at the site of vaccination.

Thuja occidentalis: Removes the pain following vaccination from the spot.

Dosage: 200 to CM.

Repetition: Single and minimum dose is effective.

Therapeutic Value: Smallpox, Irido-cyclitis, Uterine haemorrhages, Herpes zoster, Typhoid, Contusion, Deafness, Inflamed eyelids,


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