Dr Reckeweg Baryta Carb Dilution 30 CH Uses & Benefits

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Nature & Symptoms Of Baryta Carbonica

  • Lack of physical and mental development
  • Comparison of Baryta, Calcarea Carb and Silicea in Physical and Mental Weakness
  • Enlargement of the tonsils
  • Childish behavior of old men
  • Old man’s cough
  • Cold patient

Decrease in symptoms

  • Heat reduces disease.
  • It feels good to be alone.

Increase in symptoms

  • Symptoms worsen with cold
  • Symptoms worsen by sleeping on the sick side
  • Disease aggravated by bathing

(1) Lack of physical and mental development – Baryta carbonica is a drug of long duration and severe action. It affects the innermost layer of body and mind. Many children are very clever, talented, it is just the opposite. The child learns everything late. Walking late, reading and writing late, as if his physical and mental development was stunted. Girls, even when they are 18-19 years old, behave like children, play with dolls. Even after getting married, she could not understand the household chores. The process of physical and mental development which makes a person male or female, remains constant for these patients. Not only physical development, mental development also stops, sometimes one part of the body stops growing, other parts keep on developing.

(2) Comparison of Baryta, Calcarea Carb and Silicea in physical and mental weakness – The physical and mental development of Calcarea carb child is also stunted. Both the medicines are used in the disease of drought. Calcarea baby looks plump, chubby, grows very quickly, head and abdomen are large, neck and legs are thin; The child of Baryta becomes dry from all parts instead of being chubby. Hunger screams but refuses to eat. Even in Silicea the child dries up. Both Baryta and Silicea produce foul-smelling feet, the head is bigger than the body, both are cold-headed, but in Calcarea and Silicea there is excessive sweating on the head, not in Baryta. In addition, Silicea does not have mental dwarfism like Baryta.

(3) Enlargement of the tonsils – The ‘glands’ of this patient enlarge, become hard, there are lumps in the throat, thighs and abdomen. The glands become enlarged and the muscles dry up – the body is dwarf and the mind weak – to such a patient who is cured by Baryta Carb. This medicine has a special effect on the tonsils. Tonsil enlarges due to a slight cold, sometimes it gets ripe.

Comparison of Baryta, Belladonna, Hepar and Chamomilla in tonsils – Belladonna and Hepar have a sudden attack of the tonsils, happens quickly, tonsil swells on the same night as it is cold and the puck also goes away soon, but in Baryta, the tonsils do not swell on the same day, it takes a few days . In inflammation of the tonsils of Chamomilla, there is pain in the ear, it is relieved by applying heat, the patient becomes very irritable. The pain comes at such a speed that the doctor can interpret it as Belladonna’s pain.

(4) Childlike behavior of old men – Old men and women behave like children, memory power is lost, they stagger while walking, they become like children. The characteristic feature of Baryta carb is that the overall development of the patient stops. When it is seen that a person of seventy years is behaving like a child, then it should be understood that his development has stopped, Baryta will benefit him.

(5) Cough of old-men – In old age, such a cough surrounds many people which does not leave them behind. There is a rumbling in the chest. There are few medicines for this type of cough, of which Baryta is one. Apart from this, senega, ammonium mur and baryta mur are also useful for this type of cough.

Ammonium carb is a very good medicine when a 70-year-old man has a wheezing cough in his chest all the time, which is fine during summers, and is troubled by this type of cough during winters and has no other symptoms.

(6) Cold-predominant diseases – In homeopathy it is necessary to know whether the patient is cold-predominant or heat-predominant, he suffers more from cold or heat. Only cold-predominant medicine has to be selected for cold-predominant patient, heat-medicine has to be selected for heat-predominant patient. In Allopathy, Ayurveda and Unani, hot medicine will be given to the cold-predominant patient, cold medicine will be given to the hot-predominant patient. In homeopathy it is the opposite. It is necessary to know whether the patient is cold-predominant or heat-predominant. This is the basic principle while choosing the medicine. That is why homeopaths ask the patient in great detail whether you like cold or hot, do you want to open the windows and doors as soon as you enter the room or you want to close them. We have tried, as far as possible, to give below the ‘nature’ of the medicine, whether the patient’s complaints are aggravated by cold or by heat. Knowing the nature of the patient helps the homeopath to choose the medicine. If in a disease all the symptoms of two medicines are found, but one drug is cold and the other is hot, then while choosing the medicine, the doctor will have to choose a cold medicine for a cold patient. Just as in Ayurveda, Vata, Kapha, and Pitta nature has been considered as the main in diagnosis and therapy, in the same way, in homeopathy too, cold and heat have been considered as the main, the difference is that in Ayurveda three parts of nature have been done – Vata, Kapha, and Pitta, in homeopathy, ‘nature’ has been divided into two parts – cold and summer.

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