Cactus Grandiflorus Dosage And Side Effects


The name Cactus Grandiflorus is synonymous to curing heart problems. Sometimes the patient feels that his heart is broken into pieces and the organ has contracted and he mainly feels like holding the heart tightly with both hands. This contraction can be felt in other parts of the body like urinary bladder, pharynx etc. This medicine is effective for all such symptoms.

Symptoms of the mind and head

The patient feels constant irritation, speaks in very rude manners, develops a suicidal tendency from within, sits with a long face surrounded by sadness, feeling self weakness, crying and shouting. This medicine gives relief from such symptoms. Now coming to the symptoms of the head, the patient feels as if a heavy weight is kept on the head feeling a sensation of burning in the ears, headache with burning sensation, blood veins of the head getting stretched, migraine, weak eye sight and contraction in the head. Cactus Grandiflorus brings relief from these symptoms.

Symptoms of the nose and throat

The symptoms are too much nose bleeding, lot of mucus coming out from the nose, catarrh and other nose related symptoms. The patient also suffers from contraction of pharynx, tongue getting dried and contraction of the throat. Cactus Grandiflorus is the best for such symptoms.

Symptoms of the stomach, stool and urine

The patient feels a burning sensation in the stomach, vomits blood, infections in the stomach and other related symptoms. The patient passes black stool, the stool is hard, loose motions mainly in the morning, feeling heavy in the anus, pain and swelling in piles and bleeding intestine mainly during malaria. The patient might suffer from blood clots coming out through urine, the urge to urinate, bleeding through the urine and retention of the urine. Cactus Grandiflorus offers relief from all these symptoms of the stomach, urine and stool.

Symptoms related to breathing

The patient feels a heavy weight put on the chest, feels very much suffocated while taking breaths, pain in the heart, spasm and cough. The patient also feels fast heart pulse, weakness of heart, various heart problems, low blood pressure, cold sweating and weak nerve. Cactus Grandiflorus is beneficial in such symptoms.

Symptoms related to sleeping

Symptoms are loss of sleep at night, burning sensation in the body organs, and lot of fear when the person closes his eyes and other sleep disorders. This medicine is beneficial.

Symptoms of the female and fever

The woman suffers from painful menses, contraction in ovary glands, contraction in uterus, heart problems after menstruation and other symptoms in women.

The patient suffers from fever occurring on a particular time in the day, the patient feels cold in the back, cold swats, hands getting cold, feeling very cold and fever on an off mainly before 11am. Cactus Grandiflorus brings relief in such symptoms.


By the time its noon, the symptoms are aggravated and also by sleeping to the left side and also by climbing up the stairs. The disease is soothed by walking outside in open air.

Anti miasmatic medicines

They are Camphora, Acona and Chinanthus are used to nullify the side effects of this medicine.


Third potency mother tincture is the right dose. You can give Cactus Grandiflorus in high potencies in cases of neural pulsations.

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