Coffea Cruda 30c Uses, Benefits And Dosage


Coffea Cruda gives more strength to the bodily organs and this medicine works really well for those who have darker skin tone, walks stoopingly and are lean. This medicine is good for people with sensitive skin and victim of cholera.

Symptoms of the heart and breathing

Some of the symptoms are high pulse beat due to sadness or happiness, retention of urine because of high nerve pulsations and too much of depression. This medicine Coffea Cruda puts an end to such symptoms. This medicine is very useful in children mainly when they suffer from cough and cold.

Symptoms of sleeping

This medicine is very effective in insomnia, distractions in between sleep, waking up suddenly in middle of night, heavy itching in anus and this leads to lack of sleep and sleep deprivation. This medicine cures all these symptoms.

Symptoms of the mind and head

The person is happy all the time and there is too much excite all the time, the senses are working more, too much of contemplation, diseases of the mind and other mind related issues. This medicine works really well for those who are suffering from constant headache that is boosted up by noise, intoxicating substances and by any smell. Coffea Cruda brings relief in such symptoms.

Symptoms of the stomach

The patient has increased appetite which is unnatural, feeling a burning sensation of the stomach especially by drinking wine and the person feels as if he has worn tight clothes. Coffea Cruda is very effective in such symptoms.

Symptoms of the female body

The patient suffers from early menstruation and it lasts long and the vagina becomes sensitive. This medicine brings relief.

Symptoms of the face and mouth

The symptoms are dryness of cheeks due to dry heat, neural pain on face and the pain spreads to the forehead, skull and ears. This medicine is useful in bitterness of mouth, severe toothache etc. Coffea Cruda puts an end to all these symptoms.

Symptoms of external part of the body

This medicine brings relief to people suffering from neural pain in the legs and it increases upon moving the legs.

Adverse and supplementary

Adverse is Camphora, Cocculus and supplementary is Aconite.


The diseases are increased by excessive happiness, by intaking intoxicated things and by walking in open air. The symptoms are alleviated by heat and by taking rest mainly from evening to night.


Coffea Cruda can be compared to Ignatia, Chamomilla and Sulphur.


3 to 200 potency of this medicine can be used to bring symptoms under control and cure. This medicine increases the uric acid in the body so old people must be careful before having.

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