Homeopathic Medicine to Cure Chronic Itching Problem

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In this article, we will learn about homeopathic medicine to cure chronic itching problem.

Itching attacks can occur all over the body or in any part of the body. The whole body itches and the person gets disturbed and sometimes blood comes out with itching. This happens due to allergies, due to wrong eating habits, because of eating too much sugar, due to impurity of blood and due to being unhygienic. Itching also occurs due to some disease like eczema, psoriasis, chicken pox, liver or kidney problem.

Without taking much time, we will discuss the homeopathic medicine to cure the problem of itching

Sarsaparilla 3 CH – It is an excellent medicine to purify the blood in skin diseases. During summer, children get itchy and flaky. I have given 3 doses of Sarsaparilla 3 CH daily to all such patients and have had the same success as no other medicine.

Sulphur Iod 3x – Itching is a difficult disease, but by taking this medicine, the recurring itching goes away.

Sulphur 6 CH – Sulphur 6 CH cures intense itching more than any other medicine, and in low potency i.e. 6 potency shows very good effect in itching.

Staphysagria 200 – After bathing a woman, there was itching sometimes here and there, itching used to change places. She was given 1 dose of Staphysagria 200. Her itching got cured in just 1 hour.

Dolichos 30 – It has been found to be of great benefit in non-itchy eruptions, but it has also been seen to be beneficial in rapid itching.

In chronic itching that does not take the name of recovery, definitely give Psorinum 200, once a day. Also give croton tig in 6 Ch potency and Lobelia in 6 Ch potency alternately. Gentiana Chirata Q + Gynocardia Q + Echinacea Q + Azadirachta Indica Q Mix all in equal quantity and fill it in an empty bottle, then add 20 drops of it with half a cup of water and drink 3 times a day.

Bovista 30 – Bovista 30 is said to be the only successful medicine in filling the whole body with grains and itching after taking bath.

Aranea scinencia 30 – It is a very successful medicine in itching of the lower eyelid.

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