Homeopathic Medicine For Urticaria

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Urticaria is a type of rash that emerges on the skin. Due to this disease, red colored rash appears on the skin, in which there is constant itching. These are often caused by an allergy to something, but in many cases, urticaria occurs even without an allergy. Due to this there is always a burning and stinging sensation in the body.

Urticaria is generally caused by disturbances of the digestive system and increased heat in the blood. Many people get this problem by eating any food item. If someone goes in the sun, someone gets such a problem from a humid environment or just by taking a bath. We all know the causes, symptoms, so without taking much time we will discuss homeopathic medicine.

Histamine 30 – A forty year old mason came to me complaining about the problem of urticaria during the rainy season. In such a situation, he came to me after taking the evil medicine. He used to take Evil such time. Due to rainy weather, I gave him Rhus tox to eat 3 times in 30 days but it did not help. He was very worried about urticaria. Then I gave him Histamine in such symptoms to eat 3 times in 30 days and he became completely healthy. Histamine medicine is very useful in urticaria and asthma. If such a problem occurs due to the heat of the sun, even then you have to use Histamine 30.

Antipyrinum 2x – Antipyrinum medicine is used for any type of urticaria. In this disease you have to use Hydrastis Q and Urtica Urens Q alternately. Both these medicines are given in the problem of Urticaria. If both these medicines fail, do not work, allergy persists, then you have to use Antipyrinum 2x. Remember Hydrastis Q and Urtica Urens Q is given in chronic disease. In my experience in such problem I have cycled Hydrastis Q and Urtica Urens Q and skookumchuck 3x and I got the expected benefits.

Cina 30 – It works very well in Urticaria caused by worm. First of all, I give Cina 30 and Ferrum Met 200 alternately to such a patient. Later I choose other medicine according to the target and I always get success.

Dulcamara 30 – I had a talk with a Dr. Chauhan, he told that he gives Dulcamara 30 in every type of Urticaria and Rhus tox 30 in the intensity of itching and he definitely gets success. In Urticaria Dr P Kumar firstly gives Dulcamara 10M one dose followed by Bovista 30 and Antipyrinum 2x. Chronic Urticaria gets better in a few months.

Bovista 30 – A woman used to get Urticaria after a morning bath. After bathing the whole body was filled with grains. She made a full recovery from Bovista.

Hepar sulph 1M – Hepar sulph 1M is also very beneficial in the appearance of reddish rash all over the body and very itchy due to exposure to cold air and after bath.

Drumstick vegetable – The patient of allergy, smallpox, urticaria must eat drumstick vegetable.

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