Homeopathic Preventive Medicines

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Homeopathic Preventive Medicine

Homeopathic Preventive Medicine: PREVENTIVES are designed to safeguard and enhance health, aiming to prevent diseases, disabilities, and fatalities. Homeopathic medicines can play a significant role in this regard, proving highly effective in preventing various illnesses.

In this article, we will explore preventive medicines. Numerous doctors have repeatedly utilized these medications and have concluded that they can be effectively administered to prevent diseases, utilizing the same medicines that aid in treating the ailments for preventive purposes as well.

Administering these medicines for prevention ensures that the disease does not manifest. Guided by this concept, these medications are regarded as preventive, as they not only thwart the onset of diseases but also effectively treat them when they do occur.

In this segment, we will explore various diseases and the preventive medications associated with them. If someone in your vicinity has contracted a particular illness, and you wish to safeguard yourself or other family members from it, consider the following preventive medicines: –

Homeopathic Medicine For Disease Prevention

(1) Small pox – Variolinum 30 (2 times a day, Sulfur 30 dose in between) or Antimonium crud 6
(2) Scarlet fever – Belladonna 30
(3) Cholera – Cuprum Met 30; Camphor 30; Veratrum Album 30 (once a day)
(4) Frequent cold (Coryza) – 8-10 drops of Iodium Q 3 times a day.
(5) Appendicitis โ€“ Psorinum 200
(6) Calculus – Urtica Urens Q (10 off daily 2 times a day); Calcarea renalis 3x (2 times a day); China 30 (Dr. Farrington writes that one quantity of this should be given daily for 2 months).
(7) Diphtheria – Diphtherinum 200 or Kali Mur 6x
(8) Gall stone colic; By continuing taking China 6x for ten days and then China 6x once a week, the tendency of the disease goes away.
(9) Influenza – Tuberculinum 200, Arsenic 6
(10) Intermittent fever-Malaria – Leptandra 3 ch
(11) Mumps โ€“ Parotidinum 30 (two doses per day)
(12) Polio – Gelsemium 3; Lathyrus 3 ch
(13) Tonsil – Baryta Iodatum 3x
(14) Whooping cough โ€“ Drosera 30 or Pertussin 30
(15) Sea sickness – Tabacum 30
(16) Meningitis – Belladonna 3
(17) Yellow fever – Ars Alb 3x
(18) Hay-fever โ€“ Lachesis 30 or Ars Iod 3x
(19) Gout – Give Fragaria 30 3 times a day for a week
(20) Cataract โ€“ 4 tablets of Calcarea 12x in the morning, 4 tablets of Calcarea Phos 12x in the evening, Natrum Mur 12x and Silicea 12x โ€“ 4 tablets each after meals at night, 4 tablets of Kali Phos 12x at bedtime โ€“ for a week.
(21) Dental caries and gingivitis โ€“ Calcarea renalis 30 twice daily for a week
(22) Gallbladder Stones โ€“ Chionanthus 30 three times daily for one week.

Questions and answers about Homeopathic Preventive Medicines (FAQ)

What is the preventive medicine of conjunctivitis?

For conjunctivitis take 2 drops of EUPHRASIA OFFICINALIS 30 in the morning and evening.

What is the preventive medicine of influenza?

For Influenza, take 2 drops of Arsenic 30 in the morning and evening.

What is the preventive medicine of Meningitis?

For Meningitis, take 2 drops of Belladonna 30 in the morning and evening.

What is the preventive medicine for Gallbladder Stones?

For Gallbladder Stones take 2 drops of Chionanthus 30 in the morning and evening.

What is the preventive medicine of Gout?

For Gout, take 2 drops of Fragaria 30 in the morning and evening.

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