SBL Drops No 6 (For Joint Pain) Benefits, Uses, Price, Dosage And Side Effect

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Properties of SBL Drops No 6

Weight – 90 (grams)
Dimensions – 3.4 (cm) x 3.4 (cm) x 9.6 (cm)
Price – 140 rupees (30 ML)

SBL Drops No 6 (For Joint Pain) benefits and uses

Joint pain is a common problem these days. This medicine works well in cases like calcium deficiency, gout pain, pain due to sprains, joint pain during menopause in women. Changes in weather or increase in cold and rain can increase pain are its symptoms. SBL Drops No 6 gives good benefits in all such symptoms. It also provides relief in problems like stiffness of joints, swelling of joints, sound of cuts from the knees.

Ingredients added to SBL Drops No 6

Rhus Tox: Relieves swelling and pain in joints. Increase of pain at rest position and when we do any work pain decreases is a symptom of this medicine. It is a useful medicine when cold and moisture increase joint pain. Hot fomentation reduces pain.

Rhododendron: Rheumatic tearing in all limbs, pain in bones and increased pain due to change of weather.

Dulcamara: Increase of pain in the rainy season, stiffness in the joints, stiffness of the back, rainy wind increases arthritis. Relieves neck and back pain.

Nux vomica: Increased pain at movement. Joint pain due to stomach problem, fixes joint pain problem due to constipation.

Berberis Vulgaris: This is a very good medicine for back pain. It is good for pain in joints due to increase in uric acid due to kidney problem or due to stones. After walking a short distance, it improves weakness and lameness of the legs.

Dosage of SBL Drops No 6

Add 10 drops of it in half a cup of water and drink it 3 times a day.

Terms and conditions

Homeopathic products have many uses and should be taken on the basis of symptom similarity. Results may vary depending on conditions. SBL Drops No 6 is mainly used for arthritis, joint pain, joint cramps. Be sure to consult your doctor before using the medicine.

Ask A Doctor

You can now consult our well qualified homeopathic doctor for homeopathic treatment of any kind of disease. The consultancy fee is only Rs 200/- . Post making the payment you will be asked about the disease and the symptoms of your disease. Based on your problem, the doctor will instruct you with the name of the medicine and the method of having the medicine. You can make the payment via Paytm App or your debit card. For more inquiry contact on the WhatsApp number - +919006242658


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