Mental Symptoms of Causticum Homeopathic Medicine

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Causticum belongs to the Sycotic Miasm. The main characteristic in Causticum is that its individual is the one who has to look after the group or family. He faces every trouble for his family or group and to face this trouble, he wants the whole group to fight together.

Being the strongest member of the group or family, if any one member of that group is in danger or any kind of trouble, then he considers it as his own problem.

Causticum is the situation of a family where the husband has died and the wife has to take care of her children alone. Here she is the strongest member of her family. Therefore, when there is a problem with any family member, for example when a child falls ill or is late in coming home, she is very much worried.

Causticum two most important emotions are “concern for others” and “fear that something might happen“.

This situation can also happen to a person who is the only educated member in the group of illiterate workers who is being pressurised by the management unfairly. The Causticum person unites the whole group, fights injustice and takes the side of that worker if one worker is threatened, he thinks that if he doesn’t do it and something happens to the worker, then the whole group may be at risk next.

He, being the strongest member of that group, has to take care of the rest of the group, and gets very worried if someone gets into trouble. His strength lies in the strength of the group and he is the only one who takes care of it.

Like Causticum, Nitric Acid is also very sympathomimetic and both drugs are of almost the same condition. The only difference is that Nitric Acid fights only with its enemy. Nitric Acid takes revenge on those who have harmed him. The person on both medicine is very sympathetic to all his supporters, but Nitric Acid will sympathise as long as you are supporting him, as long as you are his friend, once you do not support him then Nitric Acid will become your enemy , would like to kill you. Causticum fights for injustice, Nitric Acid fights against its enemy.

The third drug listed as a sympathomimetic is Phosphorus. Causticum and Nitric Acid show a kind of selfishness behind the empathy, they stand to benefit from their sympathy, whereas Phosphorus is actually sympathetic.

In empathy Causticum is concerned for others, while Phosphorus feels the concern of others. If the child goes out and it is a little late to return home, the Causticum will be concerned, even if the child is enjoying the outdoors. Not so with Phosphorus. Phosphorus feels the anxiety of another person, that is, when the other person is worried or in pain, Phosphorus feels it in himself.

Causticum is always concerned about others, always checking where they have gone, when they will return. If they are late, Causticum has to keep going up and down.

Phosphorus and Causticum are both very similar drugs. Both are cold in nature, both like cold drinks and both avoid sweets. Along with this, both may also have paralysis of the right side of the face. Hence, these two are anti-drugs, do not give them together.

Some of the main points of Causticum:

  • worry about the future
  • concern for others
  • cares, worries
  • fear of the dark
  • afraid of dog
  • afraid of ghosts
  • fear – nothing will happen somewhere
  • fear of misfortune
  • cry easily
  • crying – sympathising with others

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