Homeopathic Medicine To Cure Tumors

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Homeopathic Medicine To Cure Tumors: An excessive and irregular growth of fat in any organ is called a tumour. It is not swelling but the flesh is increased. There are many types of tumors, mainly cancerous tumors, fibrous tumors, fatty tumors. Here we will discuss some of the main homeopathic medicines to cure these tumors.

Uncontrolled and irregular proliferation of tissue or fat in an organ is referred to as a tumor. Unlike swelling, tumors involve an enlargement of the tissue. Tumors come in various types, including cancerous tumors, fibrous tumors, and fatty tumors. In this context, we will explore some key homeopathic remedies effective in addressing these conditions.

In this article, we will examine a case involving a cystic tumor, aiming to comprehend the patient’s comprehensive set of symptoms.

A 24-year-old woman presented with a cystic tumor on her right cheek. She is employed as a faculty member, teaching computer programming and spoken English, and is responsible for managing accounting and inquiries in her office.

She has a keen interest in advancing her studies and aspires to establish her own business. While generally possessing a calm nature, she occasionally loses patience, leading to bouts of intense crying.

She prefers speaking in a soft tone and appreciates when others communicate with her gently. Additionally, she underwent dental treatment five months ago.

At that time, a significant swelling appeared on her face, which subsequently subsided, leaving behind an unhealed tumor. The patient does not experience any pain in the affected area. Regarding her past medical history:

During the 7th grade, braces were applied, and four teeth were extracted as part of the treatment. The braces were removed after an eight-month duration. Additionally, there was an abscess in the left elbow, for which antibiotics were extensively prescribed.

Extended periods of computer use often lead to headaches. In school days, the individual experienced frequent fainting during assemblies, exacerbated by standing in the hot sun for over half an hour.

Additionally, the individual experiences fainting episodes during menstruation. There have been instances of fainting triggered by the sight of a dissected cockroach in the biology lab. Regarding physical symptoms:

Appetite: Low and likes hot food.

Hydration: Consumes two glasses of water throughout the day. Experiences slight thirst after meals and prefers drinking in small quantities.

Diet Preferences: Enjoys spicy food, especially garlic pickles. Refrains from consuming meat but includes eggs in the diet. Has a preference for gravy but avoids sweets and fruits due to a sense of dislike.

Sleep Patterns: Experiences perpetual laziness and sleepiness. Struggles to sleep at night but is consistently drowsy during the day, lacking motivation to engage in activities. Naps both at night and during daylight hours.

Morning Routine: Faces difficulty motivating himself to rise and commence work. Absence of Sweating: Exhibits no signs of perspiration.

Metal Allergy: Experiences itching with artificial earrings and tight watches, often leading to discomfort. Sensitivity to Ant Bite: Three years ago, experienced unconsciousness after being bitten by an ant.

Health Concerns: Expresses worry about health. Not particularly religious, leans towards meditation over traditional beliefs in God. Prefers maintaining a pure state of mind.

Memory: Often immersed in her own world, maintaining a cheerful and light-hearted outlook. Experiences occasional forgetfulness, leading her to take notes to remember office-related information.

Memory Challenges: Faces difficulties in retaining complex information, especially in academic studies, leading to a preference for a simpler lifestyle and avoidance of challenging situations.

Fear: Currently, no specific fears, concerns include the well-being of a pet dog and the idea of marriage. The noted symptoms in this case are as follows:

Lethargy, irritability, tooth decay, cystic tumor, reluctance to engage in tasks, fainting, discomfort while standing, dislike for sweets, health worries, sun-induced unconsciousness, craving for spicy food and garlic pickles, reserved demeanor, fear of blood, aversion to fruits.

Cravings for warm food, daytime drowsiness, nighttime insomnia, memory issues, fatigue, minimal thirst—drinks only enough to moisten the mouth, fainting from insect bites, fear of dogs/animals, dislike for meat. Metal allergy.

Nux Moschata addresses both the physical and mental symptoms of the patient. In this scenario, I recommended taking 2 drops of Nux Moschata 1M once every 10 days. Remarkably, the cystic tumor on the cheek was entirely healed within approximately 6 months.

Homeopathic Medicine For Cancerous Tumor

Condurango 30 This medicine has achieved great achievement in relation to stomach cancer. It is also beneficial in other types of cancerous tumors. My experience is that many people have been cured by taking mother tincture of this medicine, due to which their pain has gone away. I believe that it is also beneficial in skin cancer, especially if the cancer is open, its ulcer has formed. In such a situation, there is more benefit than 6x power, amazing results have been obtained from this power.

Conium 30 – This medicine is useful if the glands become swollen and hardened, there is pain in them, the pain increases at night, cancer, tumor of the breast or the tendency to harden like cancer starts in the breasts. If the injury of a rough object on the gland causes stiffness in it, which later turns into a tumor, then this medicine works especially well. For example, it should be used when a sudden injury to the child’s head while breast-feeding the mother causes tightness in the breast. It is a useful medicine in skin cancer and in the enlargement of scrotum and uterus due to cancer.

Calcarea Fluor 12x – This medicine is very beneficial in the formation of lumps, lumps in the body or the hardness of a woman’s breasts and the gland becomes hard like a stone. By using this, these knots will not become cancerous. Wherever hard lumps are seen in the breasts, this medicine should never be forgotten to protect the breast from cancer.

Lapis Albus 30 – By using this medicine, tumor knots are saved from becoming ulcer. Its symptom is a burning, stinging pain in the chest, abdomen or uterus. There is stiffness in the connective tissues around the glands. Lapis Albus is useful in cancer of the uterus, when black, foul-smelling discharge starts coming out of it, there is severe pain in it.

Silicea 30 – This medicine reduces the pain of cancer. It is beneficial when thick, yellow, foul-smelling secretions start coming out in tumors of the liver and skin-related diseases.

Hekla Lava 3x – It is beneficial in bone tumors which are not hard but spongy.

Baryta Iod 3x – Useful for cancerous tumors of the chest, and tumors of the ovaries which are contaminated with the venom of mumps (scrofulous taint).

Plumbum Iodatum 30 – The hard spots on the breast of women are slowly taking the form of a tumor. If that site gradually becomes hard, there is no change in it, painful swelling keeps on increasing, then it should be understood that it will take the form of tumor, and then this medicine should be used.

Arsenic 30 This medicine is considered specific for Lupus. Irrespective of the type of tumor, the symptoms suggestive of this drug are severe burning and spear-biting pain, weakness, asthenia. Whether there is a tumor or not, if these symptoms are present, then this medicine will benefit the patient with or without tumor, because in homeopathy, the patient is treated with the symptoms, not the disease.

Hydrastis 30 – It is useful in cancer of skin and chorion. Many doctors say that this drug has special benefits in the tumor of the chest glands, pacifies its pain, stops the growth of the tumor and improves the health of the patient. It is also used in the patient’s stomach cancer. This drug is most commonly used in the disease of cancer and is most famous for this disease. Cancerous tumors of the chest should not be removed until Hydrastis has been completely used. The cancer of Lupus, Pylorus has been cured by Hydrastis, so the use of this medicine in cancer is inevitable. The symptoms of the patient taking this medicine are – puffy cheeks, bloodless, pale face, dry skin, loss of appetite, constipation, lack of enthusiasm.

Radium 30 – Radium rays are used in cancer, but Radium 30 is more suitable for this disease in homeopathy. It can be beneficial in the stage before it becomes cancer. At that time there is pain, there is itching all over the body. Mentally, the patient becomes tired, irritable, there is a rash on the skin, scars, which are burning and itching. The patient remains restless, feels heat in the stomach, fills with air, is constipated. The power below 30 should not be used, there may be a possibility of increasing the suffering of the patient by using the power below.

Carbo Animalis 30 – Cancer of the breast, small lumps in the glands, hardening of the lumps, turning blue in the skin, pain in the lumps of the breasts, cancer in the mouth of the uterus and with it thinning of the reproductive tract Carbo Animalis 30 is useful in the symptoms of cancer, foul-smelling discharge etc.

Homeopathic Medicine For Fibroid Tumor

Silicea 30 – The function of this medicine is to heal the hard fibers of the body. That is why this medicine destroys, dissolves the marks which remain of the wounds. In hard tumors, when the fibers are growing and taking the form of tumors, then they are cured by this medicine, hence it is a useful medicine in fibrous tumors.

Secale Cor 30 – Useful in uterine fibroid tumor.

Thyroidinum 3x – Women who are having tumor due to enlargement of thyroid gland, they should take Thyroidinum 3x.

Carcinosin 200 – should be given when there is a lack of nutritional activity with the tumor.

Thraspi Bursa Pastoris Q – Useful if there is a lot of bleeding from the chorion due to cancer or tumor or for any other reason, then it does not stop.

Aurum Mur 30 – This medicine has maximum effect in tumor of the liver.

Homeopathic Medicine For Fatty Tumor

Baryta Carb 30 If fatty lumps or tumors are seen in the body, then use it. These fatty tumors are especially near the neck.

Phytolacca Decandra 30 – If fat content is seen to be increased in the tumor, then this medicine is useful. In addition to fatty knots, it is also beneficial for hard knots. It has special use for the knots of the breasts of women.

Calcarea Carb 30 – This drug can be used once or twice a day for fatty tumor.

Carcinosin 200 – In the above disease, giving one dose of this medicine once a week helps in the recovery of the disease.

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