Homeopathic Treatment For Ulcerative Colitis

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Homeopathic Treatment For Ulcerative Colitis: In this article we will see how the case of ulcerative colitis is treated with homeopathy medicines.

In this case a woman had contacted me for treatment of eruption. However, it turned out that there were other things that needed to be looked at.

For the past seven years, she had been troubled by an eruption limited to her upper back. Red pimples would surface, causing itching, with relief experienced after scratching.

Upon inquiring about the events leading up to the eruption, she mentioned undergoing treatment for ulcerative colitis and using Salofalk – Mesalazine medication. Notably, Salofalk – Mesalazine is associated with side effects, including eruptions accompanied by itching.

From that moment onward, my focus shifted away from eruptions as they were not a natural symptom. The goal became addressing colitis at its core, aiming for a cure that would eliminate the need for Salofalk medication.

She had initially experienced colitis with blood in her stool. The blood was bright red, accompanied by a small amount of mucus. Subsequently, with the commencement of Salofalk, her stool returned to normal.

She had a dislike for sun exposure and experienced eruptions triggered by the sun’s heat. Generally, she exhibited an aversion to warmth.

She used to awaken between 3-4 am, occasionally even at 2 am. Upon waking, she often found her mind preoccupied with work-related thoughts, resulting in approximately an hour of difficulty falling back asleep. This pattern had been occurring for the past five years.

She was industrious, unable to relax, constantly needing to engage in activity. Stress and anxiety were prevalent. She harbored a dislike for meat and found the odor of fish intolerable. In the absence of the fishy scent, she was willing to consume it. Sweets, however, did not hold a particular appeal for her.

She had zero tolerance for alcohol. Even a small quantity would trigger a headache, typically localized over the right eye, worsened by movement or bending, accompanied by a pulsating sensation. Notably, she did not experience any thirst.

Despite her aversion to heat, her hands and feet remained cold. Tight clothing around her neck was intolerable, causing a sensation of suffocation. While her blood pressure was low, her pulse was rapid. Following her afternoon nap, there was a slight decline in her overall well-being.

She was prone to easy anger, experiencing sudden bursts of rage followed by a quick return to calmness. The disorderliness of the house agitated her, prompting a swift urge to clean up.

Since childhood, she harbored a fear of spiders, darkness, and confined spaces. Additionally, she displayed a strong and persistent nature in pursuing her goals.

Through homeopathic remedies, we promote enhanced bodily function and reinforce the immune system’s efficacy. The body autonomously determines the priority of issues to address, adhering to the natural laws by rectifying the most profound and critical problems foremost.

First of all, let us look at the unique symptoms of the patient:-

  • Eruption from the sun
  • Insomnia due to anxiety, waking up around 3-4 in the morning
  • Hard working but restless
  • Avoiding sweets
  • Disease aggravated by alcohol, headache after drinking alcohol
  • Throbbing headache, over the right eye, worse on bending or motion.
  • Inability to wear tight clothing around the neck
  • Irritability and anger, coming and going suddenly
  • obstinate nature
  • Visually stronger muscles

If you see acute symptoms:-

  • Bright red blood and mucus in the stool
  • Disease aggravated by sun and heat, cold hands and feet
  • Aversion to the smell of fish, aversion to meat
  • Not feeling thirsty

Most possible Homeopathic Medicine For Ulcerative Colitis

Natrum muriaticum is a significant remedy for conditions exacerbated by heat, eruptions triggered by sun exposure, and insomnia stemming from anxiety. It is particularly valuable for right-sided headaches and may involve a dislike for sweets. While it has demonstrated effectiveness in treating colitis, it is not suitable for patients with a strong thirst, as this medicine primarily addresses intense thirst. Consequently, Natrum muriaticum is not the appropriate choice for such a patient.

In Apis mellifica, aggravation of symptoms due to heat and absence of thirst are key characteristics. The patient’s industrious nature is another significant aspect of this remedy. Apis individuals may exhibit high irritability and restlessness. Skin eruptions, particularly those induced by exposure to the sun’s heat, are notable manifestations, even though this specific confirmation is not explicitly documented in Materia Medica.

Pulsatilla exhibits exacerbation of symptoms in response to sun heat, including headaches, and notably, a lack of thirst. This remedy is associated with the presence of blood and mucus in the stool. However, there isn’t substantial additional evidence in the patient’s characteristics to strongly support the selection of this remedy.

Lachesis primarily addresses headaches triggered by sun exposure and discomfort with tight neckwear. It encompasses irritability and a tendency toward anger, characteristic of individuals requiring this remedy. Lachesis patients tend to have a quick temper. The medicine is effective for throbbing headaches induced by sun exposure, specifically on the left side. Although associated with bleeding tendencies, Lachesis typically involves darker bleeding.

Individuals requiring Belladonna are highly sensitive to the sun. This remedy is a top choice for headaches induced by sun exposure, particularly those with throbbing sensations primarily on the right side. The pain typically radiates from above the right eye to the back of the head or even to the opposite side.

Belladonna exhibits a confirmed aggravation of headaches when bending forward. This remedy is known for the rapid progression of the disease. In the realm of alcohol-related headaches, Belladonna stands out alongside Glonoinum as two primary medicines addressing this condition.

Belladonna is effective in diminishing thirst and addresses the issue of cold extremities, a characteristic symptom associated with this remedy. Furthermore, Belladonna encompasses intolerance to constrictive neckwear, as well as manifestations of blood and mucus in the stool.

Individuals requiring Belladonna may exhibit irritability, and their anger can dissipate suddenly, leading to a calm demeanor—a distinctive trait of this remedy. Additionally, Belladonna patients tend to display robust muscular strength.

The individual needing Belladonna may experience restlessness, high energy levels contributing to a hard-working nature, and demonstrate stubbornness. A characteristic feature is a rapid pulse associated with Belladonna.

In the context of Belladonna, the rubric “Sleep – Thoughts – Business” indicates that sleep is disrupted due to an overactive mind filled with thoughts related to business or daily concerns.

Mercurius solubilis emerges as a significant remedy to explore in cases of ulcerative colitis, given its effective coverage of local symptoms associated with such conditions. This remedy is characterized by a strong aversion to sweets and may manifest irritability. However, it is essential to note that other symptoms presented by the patient do not align well with the characteristic features of Mercurius solubilis.

Colchicum proves to be a crucial remedy in addressing ulcerative colitis, particularly notable for its pronounced aversion to the smell of fish. The patient administered with Colchicum may exhibit irritability. It’s noteworthy, however, that the aggravation of Colchicum-related ailments occurs in cold conditions, while our patient predominantly experiences symptoms in warmer weather.

Selection of medicine:

Upon examination of the details, it becomes evident that Belladonna covers most mental and physical symptoms.

In this instance, other medications do not address as many crucial aspects, while Belladonna also encompasses the patient’s physical constitution.

Prescription: Belladonna is recommended to be taken 3 times a day for 30 days.


After consuming the medicine, the patient experienced mild diarrhea for two days. On the third day, he developed a fever, which he had not experienced in many years. Accompanying the fever were symptoms of body ache, cough, and a sore throat. However, these issues resolved spontaneously within five days. After 10 days, he noticed a slight increase in energy levels, and his sleep quality improved. Regarding her colitis, she mentioned that she is currently not experiencing significant discomfort.

After 2 months of taking the medicine

The patient had discontinued the use of Salofalk and was free from any colitis-related issues. Her bowel movements were completely normal, occurring once a day. The eruptions on her back gradually disappeared. Presently, she experiences deep sleep and rare awakenings at 3 or 4 a.m., happening only once every three weeks. While her hands and feet remain cold, it no longer bothers her. Overall, she feels calmer and exhibits less anger.

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