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Cataract – We all know that the eye is like a camera. Like a powerful lens hole in a camera which concentrated the external light coming from the object and makes the photo on the photographic plate, similarly in the eye there is a powerful transparent lens, which helps in creating images of external objects on the sensitive layer of the eye, retina, from where it reaches to brain through the nerve of the eye. Thus everything that our eyes can see, it becomes a picture in front of us.

When the lens for some reason loses its transparency and becomes opaque, then it is called a cataract. The process of becoming opaque lens can be compared with the process of converting milk into yogurt. And on the other hand vice-verse is not possible. In the same way when eye’s lens gets affected from cataract, then it cannot be prevented in any way.

Causes of Cataract

The exact cause of cataract is not yet completely detected. The reason known yet is Old age, absence of the dose of protein, Vitamins A, B, C etc., lack of sunlight and some poisonous medicines. Common diseases such as diabetes and syphilis are also the cause for increasing it. Eye inflammation and injury at any age can cause cataracts. Hereditary or get measles in the first three months of pregnancy can also cause cataract.

Black cataract (glaucoma) – Glaucoma or black cataract or blue cataract caused by increased pressure on eyeballs. Water fluid is found in normal eyes that move freely in eyes without any hindrance. When the pressure is within normal range then this water fluid maintains the shape and range of the eye. If for some reason the small ducts from where fluid exits get closed then pressure rises. This raised pressure can destroy the delicate parts, which is responsible for the common problems of eye.

Symptoms of cataract – Black cataract and Cataract are different. These two conditions are very different from each other. Cataract also causes loss of vision, but only the cause of the blurring of the eye’s gem which prevents the entry of light into the eye. These two conditions are often occurred after the age of 35. Therefore mistakes happen.

Drinking of more tea or coffee should be avoided by Black cataract patients. They should drink water in small amounts regularly; otherwise the pressure inside the eye may increase.

Homeopathic treatment of Cataract-

The major drugs for cataracts are – Calcarea Fluorica, Causticum, Coniium, Cineraria Maritima, Euphrasia, phosphorus, sulphur, platinum,

The major drugs for black cataracts are – Aconite, Belladonna, Gelsemium, Phosphorus, Osmium, Physotigma, Prunus Spinosa, spigelia.

Causticum: Swelling of the eyelids, appearance of black spots in front of the eyes, dimness like there is something in front of the eyes, trouble from cold waves during winter, hanging downward of the upper lids, feel likes fog or blur in front of the eyes etc. when you feel such symptoms, Causticum 200 should be taken once in a week.

Phosphorus: Feel like Cataract, as dust is there on all visible items, something is sticking to the eyes, appearance of black spots in front of the eyes, appearance of green light circle around the candle sight, letters appear red, shrinking of Optic nerve, swelling of eyelids, the inner membrane of the eye seems to be white, sometimes two objects are visible at one place. Due to old age not only problem starts in eyes but also in kidney, corrosion process also begins.  Feel discomfort when you touch. Feel relax when you are in dark room or wash with cold water. Based on the symptoms Phosphorus 30 and 200 power should be used.

Spigelia : Feel like enlarged eyes, excessive pain while rotating the eyes, symptoms of black cataract, severe pain inside and outside eyes, stress in veins, can’t tolerate light, pain increases when you touch then use this medicine of power 30.

If visibility is very low and suffering from myopia and far vision problem then Argentum Nitricum and Ruta are highly effective medicines.

Due to fine work like sewing, knitting, embroidery, etc. and losing your eye sight then use Argentum Nitricum 30 power drugs, three times a day for a few days (8-10 days) after that take three dose of 200 power of this drug one day a week.

One week later take this dose of power 1000 and after that stop this medicine.

When you feel headaches or losing your eye vision then take Ruta dose of power 6 for few days and after that for some days (around 7 days) take this dose of power 30.

Sometimes when you take both medicines of power 30 together at an interval of an hour for a week you get a significant benefits.

Useful Homeopathic Tips:-

Laryngitis, neck stiffness, neck pain, cough, body pain – Eupatorium Perfoliatum

Conjunctivitis, discharge of thick fluid, red eye, swelling of eyelids, Pain – Euphrasia

Conjunctivitis, discharge of thin fluid – Merc sol

In case of discharge of pus after maturity- Hepar Sulph

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