Sunstroke Treatment And Symptoms


Reason – This disease occurs in the summer season. In summer when the sun shines sharply, hot air gets into the body very quickly. This disease occurs quickly when you work in the heat, even in extreme working fatigue, physical weakness and in case of constipation. The effects of it are more on brain, eyes, ears and nose. After that symptom increase in all over body very quickly.

Symptoms – The body turns cold. Skin feels little sticky. Pulse is weak. The patient tends to faint. Unconsciousness and the fever reach to 102 degrees. After some time unconsciousness is end and dry skin becomes visible. Pulse becomes faster and breathe becomes slow. The high fever can lead to death of the patient. The body seems to be in pain.

Medical – (1) The patient should rest in cool and ventilated place. Keep ice or cold water on the head .When fever happen faster than leave domestic doctor and go to a qualified doctor.

(2) Next, feed the patient with honey in cold water repeatedly. Honey and cold water make fever down very quickly.

(3) Drink juice of boiled raw mango repeatedly. Salt, black pepper and roasted cumin can mix in it.

(4)Do not let the patient eat anything until he feels hungry.

Ask A Doctor

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