Precaution While Taking Homeopathic Medicine

  1. The people who knows homeopathy should be very cautious in the use of high potency drugs because it can act as a double-edged sword.
  1. Diagnosis of the patient is very important. The treatment should not be based only on the symptoms given by the patient. Just recently I saw a patient whose mastoid region suffered with pain and getting a treatment from a noted homeopath which is Phosphorus and Capsicum for good 6 months. Patient came to me with symptom of long-term use of Capsicum. Clinical examination revealed that there was no sign of mastoiditis. Pain was caused by cervical spondylitis.
  2. If the patient have surgical problem such as a big hole in the ear or diversion of nose bone, it should be treated by surgical treatment. Therefore, it is necessary, to take a specialist opinion before homeopathic treatment.
  1. Before arriving at a decision the tests or clinical trials must be required.
  1. I saw that most of homeopaths healing their patients just insist only on symptoms. Trials should be performed to base on investigations and proper diagnosis. If we have modern diagnostic resources available then why not use it. . If we rely only on the symptoms then its mean that many diseases which not show initial symptoms, such as hypertension, breast tumor etc. does not require treatment in homeopathic approach?
  2. There is a myth in the mind of general public and also some homeopath think that homeopathy is completely safe. Inappropriate potency, prolonged use of drug and wrong treatment can cause many diseases.

Some examples given below will be sufficient to alert the public:

(A) I had a patient who was suffering from sinusitis of left mandibular in front head. But homeopath treated her with Silicea-10M for arthritis pain. But X-rays ensure that the she had sinusitis of left mandibular in front head. She felt severe pain around left eyeball and there is the risk of suffering to meningitis too. I had the emergency for evacuation of sinus. Since she was also suffered with pulmonary T.B., So giving her Silicea in such a high potency can increase the risk of tuberculosis.

(B) I have seen several cases in which patients are taking by himself Hepar Sulphur for tonsil. Due to the high potency of the drug in these cases side effects appears or abscess of tonsil often is bound to come out. Many medicines of tonsil are available in the market and it is claimed that they are harmless, but in fact it is not. If there is sign of old T.B. Hepar Sulphur should be given with caution.

(C) A drug that is Tuberculinum, occupational therapist and common people use indiscriminately. I have seen so many cases where patients suffer with Tuberculosis abscess due to this drug abuse.

(D) If you know the symptoms Thuja is a wonderful drug to use. I have seen a case in which an eminent Homeopathic medicine was provided i.e. Thuja in high and low potency for nose problem without examined the nose which gave many side effects.


It is a misconception in the minds of people that Homeopathy is completely safe. Yes, homeopathy is more secure than other forms of therapy such as allopathy or Ayurveda.

But when it is used by inexperienced beginner homeopath can cause number of problems.  I have seen the following types of cases which are caused by homeopathy:

Long-term use of the drug

Due to taking medicine for long time period verifying symptoms are widely disclosed. Many inexperienced Homeopaths and also patients themselves are taking the drug in the hope that after a while the beneficial effects will be generated.

High Potency

It should be given by an experienced homeopath. If we don’t use it with vigilance, the high potency of the drug can act as a double-edged knife. The symptoms of the disease can increase so much that it is not possible to control again.

This does not mean that the high potency should not be used. The high potency of the drugs has to be used to cure some diseases, but it should be used only by experienced Homeopath physicians.

Wrong drug

Some drugs are prohibited in certain circumstances. Not Just the symptoms, absolute cure of the disease must be done. And physical examination also should be done well for example:

  1. In the old cases of T.B., Hepar Sulf should be used very consciously
  2. Silicea should also be not given in old cases of T.B.
  3. In T.B. cases the use of phosphorus is also should be done with great care.

I know a case in which a Homeopath professor gave high potency of Silicea for ordinary tonsil protuberance to 50 years old woman in the hope of that it will burst. At the time when the woman came to me, protuberance was overflowing in the side of the pharynx and she had extreme dyspnea.

Investigating the name of medicine, which professor gave her, was really a problem. I provided following Treatment to the woman:

  1. The antidote drug of Silicea.
  2. The extraction of the contaminant from pharyngeal abscess area.
  3. Calendula- 30 four times a day to eat.

The sulphur is used in an unreasonable manner. It’s used by inexperienced physicians which causes many intense reactions.


Not to use this medicine in the case of malaria fever, rising fever and emerging fever.

If psychotic symptoms such as anxiety, physical and mental discomfort then do not use this drug.

 Aloe Socotrina

 It should not be repeated in colorectal disease, wait for the results with some doses.


Not change it quickly, because the action of the drug develops gradually.

 Ammonium Carb

  1. Do not use in low potency.
  2. Do not use before or after the Lachesis.


 In excessive blood clotting (Congulebiliti) do not use it.

Antim Tart

 When Antim tart appears good but fails, in that case do not take Hepar Sulph .

Apis Mellifica 

  1. Do not use it frequently in low potency, or during pregnancy particular around the third month. In those days it can cause abortion.
  1. Do not change this drug hasty because sometimes the action is slow, especially when the action of urinate more are anticipated.

 Arnica Montana 

  1. Where the skin is peeled or torned, not use this medicine on it. This can produce intense erysipelas.
  2. On biting of mad dog, this drug should not be used either external or internally. 

Baryta Carb

  1. Do not use it in asthma due to cold.
  2. Do not give in low potency. In the case of protuberance in tonsil use it in high potency.


  1. Do not use Appendicitis.
  2. Do not use in high Potency, it can kill the patient.
  3. Do not use in typhoid fever or sustainable fever.

Bellis Perennis

Do not give at night. It may cause insomnia.

Benzoicum Acidum

Do not take it after taking alcohol. It can increase the infections in the genitals, rheumatism and urinary.

Blatta Orientalis

If condition is improving in continuity, do not repeat it on the invasion of the disease. In such cases, it can cause unnecessary increment in disease.


 Do not forget that Alumina is chronic. 


Remember that if repressed then there is desire to eat tobacco.

Calcarea carb

  1. Not to use before Kali Chrom or Baryta carb.
  2. Do not use after the Kali Carbonicum.
  3. Do not forget that it is the chronic case of Belladonna.

Carbo Vegetabilis

In the initial stage of any disease, especially diarrhea, do not use it.


Do not give it quickly in the disease of Paralysis. Allow only one or two times a week.


Do not use if the patient is stable and calm.


  1. In nervous and irritable children, do not use below 200 potency.
  2. Do not forget that if China fails, Santoninum can heals from worms.
  3. To heal voice loss caused by cold and on the failure of Phosphorus and Aconite, do not forget to take China. Do not forget that it eliminates inflammation if Apis fails.


Do not change this drug hasty. To get the best results you should use it for a few days.

Hepar Sulph

Do not use it in early cold, it can cause pain in the chest.


Do not take it at bedtime. It may cause insomnia.

Kali Bichromicum

Do not use after Calcarea Carbonica.

Kali Carbonicum

  1. Do not repeat too often.
  2. In old arthritis, tuberculosis Or enlarged nephritis (Bright’s disease) do not start treatment with high potency.


  1. Drugs not to be repeated again and again.
  2. Do not use this medicine of high potency.


Do not use after sulphur.


  1. Do not use below 200 potency. Higher is better and it can be selected.
  2. Do not repeat frequently.


Do not use in the early stages of tonsil. 

Natrum Muriaticum

Do not use during the invasion of headaches. The acute medicine for headache Bryonia and Nux Vomica should be used first. After that Natrum mur may cure the disease permanently.

Nitricum Acidum

  1. After giving it in old disease skin diseases appears, do not change this drug. This is an auspicious sign.

Nux Vomica

  1. Do not give in morning, increases disease.
  2. Do not forget to use it when all drugs have failed. This medicine cures distorted sensitivity and other troubles.


  1. Take the original tincture of this medicine in large dose.
  2. When T.B., do not use in high potency. This may cause hemolysis.


  1. Do not forget that its chronic is Silicea.
  2. Do not forget that it is beneficial for anemia. it is the best medicine for removing the side effects which are result of excessive intake of iron and other tonics, even taken years before. In diseases caused by drinking too much tea it is beneficial.

 Rhus Tox

  1. Never give before or after the Apis.
  2. To the warm patient, even all the symptoms meet fully, it should not be given.


  1. Do not use it in very low potency nor repeat often.
  2. Do not use in the morning.


  1. Do not give in very low or very high potency to T.B. Patients.


  1. Do not give in new abdominal pain.
  2. Do not repeat frequently.
  3. Do not give it before Lycopodium.
  4. Do not forget that it is chronic of Aconite.


  1. Do not repeat again and again. Single dose and rarely more doses are needed.
  2. To remove the ill effects caused by vaccinations, when Thuja fails then do not forget that Silicea is prohibited.


 Do not give to T.B. patients.


  1. Do not give it below than 200 potency.
  2. Careful examination of the heart and lungs required.

Veratrum Album

In diarrhea do not give less than 6x potency.

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