Back Pain Treatment In Homeopathy


In fact the main cause of back pain is incorrectly sitting, standing incorrectly, inaccurately sleeping, incorrect bending to lift any object, increasing obesity or postures for doing exercise is wrong, which generates distance or closeness in the genre of the waist or swelling in the nerves of the muscles that generates from waist.

Many people stuck in this pain by using very soft bed to sleep, because when muscles relax on soft bed at night then pain starts because bones don’t get the support.

Back pain can also be symptoms of other diseases like Spinal cord abnormality, slip disc, weakness in bone due to age, lack of calcium, phosphorus, minerals etc., deficiency of calcium in children and arthritis in old age people etc. Other causes are Ankylosing Spondylitis, breakdown or rubbing of bone, bone cancer or TB etc. in addition, you must also take care that while doing exercise, practice and posture should be not more than your strength.

The muscles of back become hard when there is mental stress and emotional pressure and pain starts. So, we should avoid feelings like helpless, frustration, sadness and a feeling of dissatisfaction.

Carrying load on the head or back, wearing high heeled sandals, leaving the body loose at time of sitting, getting up, walking or pain due to flat soles then change sandals, use belt for waist and do regular and easy exercise to get rid of this problem.

In women back pain may cause due to misplacement of uterus or due to menstrual bleeding disorders. Women suffering from back pain should try to get some relief from kitchen.

In case of swelling and infection in Sciatica or Sciatic nerve there is pain from waist to knee and to ankle, the intensity of this pain is terrible. In such case, instantly lie down on your back on the bed folding your knee and immediately consult physician. In this case, a light steam or warm water fomentation can give benefits.

Always sit straight whether you are sitting in office, studying, driving, typing or watching TV. When it is very necessary, use pillow in the lower back so that waist should not bend. Women should be careful while cleaning floor they should avoid bending of waist. Be careful when washing the dishes. Irregularity of menstrual bleeding, leucorrhoea or any other diseases, immediately consult the doctor.

Symptoms and Treatments of Back Pain

Based on similimum some important homeopathic medicines for back pain–

Chelidonium: neck pain, stiffness, pain on movement, regular pain in the right scapula.

Zincum Met: back pain, painful while touching, tension in the shoulders, spinal irritation, pain in the last and first lumbar bone of spine, hidden injury like pain, neck pain due to regular writing etc take this medicine in power 30. Severe pain during menstruation in women (for women Sepia, Bovista, Alumina. Other medicines are Plumbum, Pulsatilla, Nux Vom, Natrum Mur, Sulphur etc.

Back pain after excessive sex Agnus Castus and Acid phos in power 30.

Pain begins when you start walking and feel comfortable after pressing and lying down on paining area– take Bryonia 30 for one week – three times a day. After that 2-3 dose in power 200 then stop this medicine.

When you start walking or getting up there is unbearable pain but feels comfortable after regular walk- Rhus Tox 30. Causticum 30 is also beneficial.

Muscle pain, especially in hard labor, people working as gardenerBellis Perennis 3 ×.

Change in location of pain in young women- Pulsatilla 30 and erectile dysfunction in adult women – Sepia 30.

Ask A Doctor

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