Homeopathic Remedies For Ear Nose And Throat Infections


Deafness: Well, there are several reasons of deafness, but mainly due to blockage in external auditory canal, side effect of excessive intake of certain drugs which causes different disturbance in the hearing mechanism, stiffness in inner bone of ear, discharge of pus from ear after the operation, due to anemia, due to a malfunction of the kidneys, due to some allergies and also due to unknown reasons in many patients. Regular cleaning of the ear is necessary. Do not clean the ear with sharp things. Either use medicated ear buds or a boiled small stick with cotton on top or by doctors. Inserting sharp objects for cleaning, can damage the ear drum and ear infections can also occur. Prevent anemia. Keep track on foods. Do appropriate treatment of ear flow.

Medicine of deafness

Homeopathic medicines are as follows

Baryta Mur, Baryta Carb, Causticum, Chenopodium, Chininum Sulf, Cinchona, Pulsatilla, Hepar Sulf.

Causticum – 200 with the Baryta mur or Baryta Carb -30 with Chenopodium -3 gives unexpected results.

Otorrhoea :  Otorrhoea is a common complaint. It usually caused by infection. Other causes are as follows –

Mostly infections in middle ear and outer ear causes’ ear discharge. Ear secretion can be white, watery, purulent, putrid, bloody and can be many more type.  Watery secretions can be cerebrospinal fluid, which is fatal. Blood-containing secretions can be due to immediate injury or severe diseases like cancer. Tympanic bone infection and melting of it can cause stinking purulent secretion.

Treatment of Otorrhoea

  • When it is bloody secretion – Merc Sol, Hepar Sulph.
  • Stinging and adhesive thin secretion – Alumina, Arsenic, Iodium, Kali Mur, Telluricum.
  • Foul and pus secretions – Calcarea Carb, Calcarea Sulph, kali Sulph, Hepar Sulph, Pulsatilla.
  • After two or three doses of Mercurius – 200 taking of Pulsatilla-30 is advantageously in flowing of ear discharge.
  • It is important to clear your ears by above cares.
  • Choose the drug on the basis of symptoms.

Bleeding from the nose :  Bleeding from nose is a common problem. This can be from one or both nostril. The main reasons are- infections, acute or long-standing infection of the nose septum, due to diphtheria, syphilis, T.B. In fungal infections, adolescence, the excessive workout, excessive excitement, in extreme cold or hot , changing the ambient pressure (such as in the airplane).during  periods (in women), hereditary, a lump in the nose or disease infection, when there is high blood pressure, anemia, due to a malfunction of the kidney, protein metabolism imbalance in the body, during the measles,  typhoid, etc., due to vitamin deficiency in the body, the heart disease, pregnancy and bleeding can also occurs from the nose due to unknown reasons.

Blood flows from the bottom of the septum of nose, because most of blood vessels are in this section. It is called the Little’s area in medical language.

Medicines for bleeding nose:

Black Blood – Crotalus, Merc Sol.

Coagulated blood – Natrum Lac,  Nux Vomica, Cinchona.

Brown blood, but slowly drifting – Haemophilus, Arnica, Lachesis.

Continuously flowing of blood – Phosphorus, Trillium, Haemophilus, Thlaspi, Crotalus.

Bright blood – Aconite, Ferrum Phos, Millefolium, Trillium

Choose the drug according to symptoms.

Haemophilus: black bleeding from any part of the body, bleeding after feeling weakness, stools with black discharge, bleeding from the nose, from stomach, smelly black, black Excessive menstrual bleeding in women, irregular period. Trouble may increase during hot weather. 5 -10 drops in main solution must be taken for three times a day for ten days.

Millefolium: In highly bright red bleeding from any part of body, 5 – 10 drops of this medicine mix in 1/4 cup of water should be taken at three times a day for ten days.

Trillium: It is best medicine for red bleeding. This particularly affects female genitalia.  feeling pain in the limbs and thighs, just a little movement cause bleeding, genital become loose, It happen during early stages of cervical cancer. Bleeding from the nose also occurs, which is red. All objects appear blue; the drug should be in the original extracts.

  • For bright red blood the P – 30 is appropriate.
  • For black blood Crotalus Horr – 6 x and 30 is appropriate.

The smelling of the nose:

Symptoms and Treatment

  • Reduce the smelling power of the nose – Alumina, Kali carb, Hepar Sulph, Menthol.
  • More intense smelling power of nose – Aconite, Belladonna, Colchicinum, Nux vomica, Phosphorus, Sepia.
  • More receptive for flowers -Graphites- 30.
  • Receptive for eating – Arsenic, Colchicinum, Sepia (patient starts vomiting just from the smell of the food in this case Colchicinum medicine should be given of 200 power.
  • More receptive to tobacco – belladonna-30 and Ignatia – 200.
  • More receptive to smoking -Ignatia-200.
  • No smelling power – Alumina, Anacardium -30, Hepar Sulph, Kali Bi, Mag. Mur, Natrum Mur, Pulsatilla.
  • smelling of non existing – Anacardium, Belladonna, Ignatia, Kali Bi, Mag.Mur , Mercurius , Nitrate, Nux- Vomica, Phosphorus, Pulsatilla , Sulphur.

During nose bleeding: patient should be in sitting position instead of lying down. Lying down can be more dangerous because the flowing of blood from the nose can fill in lungs or in the membrane. Clean with cold water, and cover with clean cloth or cotton. Immediate medical advice requires.

Sore throat :  Talking too fast, screaming, smoke, gas and smoke, sinus infection, tonsils, bacterial infection can be the cause of sore throat. Swelling in the mucous membranes of the throat occurs and blood of neck becomes more accumulated. Putting a spanner in the throat wound also cause the problem. The other symptoms of sore throat are difficulty in speaking, fever etc.

Sore Throat Remedies

Giving rest to the throat is essential. Gargling, taking steam is also beneficial.

Homeopathic drugs Aconite, Hepar Sulph, Spongia, Phosphorus, Rumex, Kali Bi, Mercurius, Belladonna, Causticum, Rhus Tox.

For those who speeches more, Causticum – 200 is very beneficial. Rhus Tox-30 and Hepar Sulph-30 also can be taken.

Mouth blisters : Unhealthy life, constipation, eating more sour and fried things causes sores in the mouth. Pay special attention to cleaning in such a situation. Don’t eat other’s food nor let others eat. Put glycerin on it through clean cotton three times a day and let spit drool. Avoid constipation.

Medication for Blisters:  vitamin ‘B’ and ‘C’ are used. Borax- 30 and Merc. Sol -30- three or four times a day or eat after one-hour intervals. ‘Borax’ powder in water can also be used, put it in the mouth and cleans your throat. Glycerin can also be used.

Also Nitric acid, Kali Mur, Sulphuric acid is also beneficial.

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