Tonsil Treatment In Homeopathy


A streptococcus haemolyticus bacterium is responsible for the tonsils. This disease is found more often in boys and girls, up to the age of fourteen. Once the disease of the tonsils appears, it tends to be repeated. Spices, pickles, tamarind and eating ice etc. are responsible.

Symptoms of tonsils

A sudden swelling appears in one or both tonsils. An intense sting pain feels in the tonsils which reach to the ear. Voiced outrage, pain in swallowing, headache and pain remains in hand foot and back, trembling fever. Patient tries to remove the thick, sticky mucous from tonsils.  Breath smells bad. Inflammation spreads to the glottis. In new tonsil inflammation relief comes in ten to twelve days. And in chronic inflammation of the tonsils patient does not tolerate any cold. One small infection seemingly aggravating factors of the disease. Throat becomes red and painful. It is not entirely cured, inflammation and pain can be suppressed, but it gets worst at next infection.

Homeopathic treatment of tonsils

  • From parents to boys and girls (hereditary). These tonsil inflammations cannot be treated unless you use the Syphilinum. After giving a dose of 200 or 1000 power of Syphilinum other drugs will be operational according to the patient’s symptoms.
  • In Tonsils experimental quantity of gun powder -3 and Baryta carb- 30 can be give wondrous result. When the disease is in a state of dormancy, the Sulphur- 200 should be started in timely manner two or three doses once a week for one month and stop. The first dose should be given in an empty stomach. This gives special benefit. Then continue giving Calcarea carb- 200 for a month to the patient. The final phase is giving some doses of Thuja- 200. It can make disease go away. Some doses of CALCAREA Phos- 30 restore the health of the patient.
  • Merc proto iod, Merc bin iod, Lachesis and Causticum drugs are given on the basis of the similarity of symptoms.

Apis Mellifica: excessive swelling and inflammation in the glands on both sides of the palate, dryness in the throat, a sense of contraction and intense pain, wound on the palate. Enlarge glottis, difficulty in breath and pain in the throat that seems to be stuck in a piece of fish bone. No thirst. Suffering increases when you consume hot food and hot beverages.

Baryta carbonica: This is a principal drug for new and old both inflammation of the tonsils. Winter is not tolerable at all. In cold weather tonsils are always swollen. Tonsils are enlarged and stay red.  The right of the tonsils particularly affected. It causes dwarfing in child. This drug works to enhance the height of children in particular. Each time when you are feeling cold all the lymph glands, and the glands under the jaw increase in size and become hard.  Chain of nodes created around the neck from inside. Touch is intolerable. Throat irritation and pain is unbearable. Patient can swallow only liquids easily. Eating solid food is painful.

Belladonna: Girls and boys can get infected easily by cold, slat would not tolerate. The disease attacks the right side mostly. First stage of Tonsil inflammation, puffiness in throat from both side, its looks bright red, excessive dryness in the throat, irritation in the throat and tongue. Excess of blood in the brain causes red face, forehead and leg pain and the head seems warm. Swelling occurs in glands in the neck and touch is not tolerable. This is short-term medicine. Therefore, four tablets at every one or four hours (according of the disease) in 30 powers should be used.

Calcarea Iod: Boys and girls which repeatedly gets cold. Chronic inflammation in tonsils becomes severe. With increasing of tonsils, glands of the neck are affected.

Calcarea Phos: This medicine is effectible for both types of tonsils either it is old or new.

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