Homeopathic Treatment For Perspiration


Though sweating is beneficial for health but excessive sweating, bad smell from sweat, excessive sweating from a particular organ, similar symptoms like these sometimes cause troubles and treatments are as follows:-

Body is cool, but more sweat on the head or chest – Calcarea Carb 12, 30, 200- This refrigerant drug is used in those people whose limbs are thin, body is heavy or bulky, big belly and thin neck. The specific symptoms of this drug are that the patient feels excessive cold and even if his body is cool while sleeping there is excessive sweating. Dr. Ghosh has written that the patient of this disease is more heavy and fatty, children are immobilized. Children are not able to move frequently, their skin is dry, soles of the feet is excessive cool. Wound is there on soles because of sweating in feet and skin starts detoriating. Dr. Satyavrata has written specific characteristics of calcarea carb in his book that the patient sweats in the cool room, while sweat should not come in cool place. This is one of the strange things and should not be forgotten.

The patient of Calcarea Carb feels cold in different parts of the body. Dr. Kent says that its patient feel cold at different places and sweating from various body parts. According to Dr. Kent this drug passes through triple series- Sulphur, Calcarea Carb, Lycopodium. This means that symptoms of calcarea carb develops after giving sulphur and symptoms of lycopodium develops after giving calcarea carb.

Sweat bad smell, sour smell, more sweating in hand and feetSilicea 30,200- The nature of this drug is cool. Its patient suffers from bad sweat smell from forehead to neck and head gets wet due to sweat during sleeping time. Bad smell comes from feet and main cause of many diseases due to stopping of sweat. The physical structure of these types of patient are- – stomach and head are bigger than other body, hand legs are weak and wrinkles on the body, and lack of nutrition is also the symptom. Patient feels excessive cold and in hot place feels cold due to crowd. Bad smell comes from feet. One of the measure symptoms of this drug is that the patient feels extreme cold in open head that is why he always tied the cloth on the head. Pregnant women should avoid this medicine.

Sweating beside your bodyPetroleum 200– Dr. Farrington writes that is case of sweating beside your body then this is the best medicine.

Sweating not only on head but the whole body sweat- Rhus Tox 200, 1M- the symptom is that the patient not only sweat on the head but the whole body is drenched with sweat. In such cases, this drug should be taken at least once in a week 

Sweating from right side- Pulsatilla 30, 200- If the body sweat more from the right side then this drug in power 30 is appropriate. But if disease is old then take this medicine of power 200. Pregnant woman or couples who want baby should not take high power of this drug without consulting doctor.

Perspiration starts during sleep- Conium 12, 30- Dr. Lipy says that its patients suffer from sweat even when he go for little sleep. Give this drug, this drug also cure other problems.

Perspiration starts as you open your eyes after sleep- Sambucus Nigra 30,200- Take this medicine for this problem.

In case sweet sweat exit from the body- Caladium Seguinum 30, 3x- many individuals have sweet sweat due to which flies are attracted towards them, in such a situation you should take this medicine. In the time of the patient’s illness sweat comes more during sleep. But characteristic of this drug is that its patients have sweet sweat.

Cold sweet came on the head due to any disease- Veratrum Album 6, 30– Give this medicine when you see this symptom.

Sweating starts when you sleep but dries as you wake up- Thuja 30- it is a major anti psychosis drug. Its patient nature is cold. Sweating starts when the patient sleeps but dries as he wakes up. Sweating only on the open parts of the body.

No sweating on the open parts of the bodyBelladonna 30- when sweating only in the covered part of the body then take this medicine.

Sweating around nose- China 30- take this medicine in this condition

Sweating around nose or sweet sweating around the mouth-Rheum 6, 30 – Take this medicine according to requirement.

Stinking rotten object like smell from sweat – Staphysagria 30 – Give this medicine in this condition.

Palm sweating with sour smell Fluoric Acid 6, 200– this medicine best suit in this situation.

Weaknesses due to sweating- China 30– Take this medicine when you feel weakness after sweating

Sweating on the soles of the feet- Lactic Acid 200– Give one dose if there is sweating on the soles of the feet but no bad smell.

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