Homeopathic Treatment Of Acidity


There is frequent and sower eructation and filling of sower water in mouth. Test of mouth is bitter, burning in chest, either constipation or dysentery, persistence of laziness. Mainly it arises from eating fried foods, sweets or sweetie foods, spicy and lack of physical lab ours. It also arises from old constipation, wakes late night and sleeps in late morning.

(1) Capsicum 30, 200 :- Useful in burning in stomach and chest, presence of all symptoms of acidity, frequent eructation. There is similarity of burning with red capsicum eaten a lot. Week and flabby muscled persons, lac of natural heat and  physical lab our, lazy, thirst after passing stool and shivering  after drinking water. Home sickness and suited to those who has left drinking liquor recently

(2) Stannum 30 :- Physically and mentally very week.  Sour eructation especially in women. Prolapses of uterus. Sputa either sweet or salty .Tendency to sleep during day. Frequent yawning.

(3) Carvo veg 30:- There is distention of upper portion of abdomen due to accumulation of gas. Main character of this medicine is blackish or brownish spot on body or tongue. Patient   want to be fanned regularly even in cold.

(4) Arsenic Alb 30:- Fear, Burning and Thirst, are three causes to select this medicine. Cadaveric odors, Sadness, Suicidal tendency, Pale, Cold, clammy, Sweating are other nature of the subject, medicine to be selected.

(5) Hydrastis Canadensis Q:- Sour eructation due to constipation. Destroyed health centered on stomach. Eye  face jaundiced. Thick yellow, viscid discharge.

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