Treatment Of Marasmus Disease In Homeopathy- Rickets Treatment


In this disease, despite adequate nutritious food a child’s body goes rigid and he seems to be weak. The disease originally caused due to digestion disturbances, lack of drinking clean water, food poisoning, liver disorders, etc.

Iodium 30 – When nutritious food fails in child growth, child always demand for food all the time and relaxed after eating.

Argentum Nitricum 30 –  Whole body becomes dry, wrinkles appear on face, child insists to eat sweets. It will be advantageous.

Antim Crud 6 – Vomit milk just after drink, loose motions, white tongue, and irritable temperament in these symptoms, it has been proved beneficial.

Silicea 200 – Big head and the rest of the body to be dried,  only sweat on the head during sleep, body is slim and cannot  tolerate the cold, this medicine give proper relief in these symptoms.

Sulphur 200 – It can give when child remains messy and dull, abdominal Hubble, flatulence, muscle getting dry .If patient gets skin disease frequently or even if the disease has become old, this medicine is extremely lucrative.

Phosphorus 30 – Child’s body get shrink and stool is diluted, then it is worthwhile.

Lycopodium 30 – Body began to shrivel up, neck becomes thin but bottom remain better, this medicine is really worthwhile.

Rickets Treatment in Homeopathy

This disease is often caused by lack of calcium. The child’s bones become soft and twisted which deformed the child’s body. Before the time of disease or at the time, many symptoms appear such as illness, diarrhea, sweating, not gets teeth at time, bending in the spine, thinness, indigestion of milk etc.

If the baby’s stomach increases and diarrhea with green and yellow liquid, sweat only on scalp but not on face and neck then  –

Calcarea Carbonica 200 : is very effective. Particularly beneficial for the fatty and obese children.

Silicea- 30: when head size increases in proportion to the body, the stomach may also be rounded up, baby cannot digest the milk then it is a useful drug.

Sulphur- 30: baby’s head gets bigger, and skin seemed older and swinging, and child is always hungry and always thin even he eats a lot, it is very effective.

Calcarea Phosphorica 6x :  child’s body becomes lean and flesh less, abdomen caves inward, it can be really beneficial.

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