Anorexia Treatment In Homeopathy – Loss of Appetite


The cause of deformity must be examined. If loss of appetite is due to liver dysfunction then these treatments are often successful. There should be proper treatment in case of amoebiasis.

Allopathic Treatment: Vitamins and Liv-52. Liv-52 is more effective than other medicines.

Homeopathic Treatment: Chelidonium 30 in morning and at night and 5 drops of Chionanthus Q after meal 2 times a day for 2 weeks.


A young woman came to me from Durgapur. Her age was 23 but for many days she can stay without need for food and water. She was emaciated, and used all allopathic medicines, taken all injections of vitamins but these medicines are of no use. She was treated with China 30 twice a day and now she is free from this disease in 2 weeks.

Increase in Appetite

Except in worms infection, in other cases allopathic doctors suggests patient that they should have determination not to eat excessive food, but normally this formula mostly does not work

Homeopathic Treatment : According to homeopathic principles, increase in appetite is caused by indigestion due to neurological disorder. In such cases neurons are hyperactive and soon the stomach is cleared. Patient starts taking food in every half or one hour. Otherwise he feels inflammation in intestine.

 Kali Brom. 30, Sepia 30 and Lycopodium 30 is very effective. You will get relief in one week.

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