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Insomnia is a common thing nowadays. Our daily routine and lifestyle has become so different, especially for those who are living in the city, we remain awake at night till 12 -1.00 am. Other problems related with our everyday routine and the mental stress. There is no special medicine for sleep separately in homeopathy, but there are medicines which depend on symptoms of sleep disturbances and can make overcome from insomnia. Extremely busy person in their daily work may lay on the bed at night but his mental wrestling is still going on. Brain becomes so restless that the person has difficulties to sleep and after that he gets habitual, then the person suffers with less sleep. It is called Insomnia.

Homeopathic treatment of insomnia 

To overcome the disease, according to the selected noticeable symptoms, medications are –

Coffea Cruda: mental temerity, to act early, severe pain in the head, no sleep after 3 o’clock, mental and physical distress, after euphoric, excessive noise, open air, pungent smell, weather change, etc you can take 3 dose of 200 power once in a week for some time, will give better relief.

Passiflora Inc: restlessness, insomnia, physical and mental fatigue, elders or children feeling weak, due to cough at night, if these symptoms exist then 30 to 70 drops of the basic extracts should be taken at night. 

Nux vomica: cannot sleep at night after 3 am, the patient gets up from excessive humility, remains sleepy after meals and in the evening, the patient feels comfortable with little sleep, then this drug can be used first in 30 power after that 200 power should be taken.

Sulphur: sleep talking, feeling cramps, frequent rise then fall asleep, just woke up from a little sound, no sleep between 2- 5 am if meet the signs then this drug should be used in 30 and 200 power. Patient disturbed with bed heat but comfortable in right side lying.

Opium: Excessive sleepy but does not sleep, difficult to breath during nap, hear voices, the child dreams about dog-cat, the bed feels too hot causing the patient can not lay down, and the patient does not feel relief after sleep. In this condition this drug in 30 and 200 power is beneficial.

Homeopathic profitable tips

  • Laryngeal dryness, dry cough, shortness of breath, pharyngitis – Duboisia
  • Chronic ear discharge, hearing loss, pus from left ear, buzzing in ears – Elaps Cor
  • turn off the nose due to dried dirt, bleeding, pain, etc. – Elaps Cor

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